Are you addicted to forums like me?

Okay, I admit it. I'm addicted to forums or as I call them Boards. I've learned a ton and met some really wonderful people from posting on and reading boards. I just can't even imagine my life without them now. For much of the world the "socail web" is a new thing but for those of us who've been addicted to user forums for years now, it's just an evolution.

On some I'm mostly a lurker while on others I'm almost a fixture. I suppose I'm happy that no one here is going to be able to force me to reveal my identities or a list of these boards (don't worry, nothing all that interesting I assure you.) but at the same time I'm proud to be a member of these communities.

Fellow posters have saved me hours of frustration, given me cheer and laughter, and sure enough online friendship and camaraderie. In addition to checking my email first thing every morning, I check to see if there are any interesting posts on my board of choice at any given time. This usually means checking 2 or 3 every morning. I know, it's time consuming. When I start bringing my laptop into the bathroom, I'll know it's time to stop.

i always bring the laptop into the bathroom, at least 6 hours a day on the car are not alone:)
03/11/2010 12:25:31 PM

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