It's been a fishy day

I'm originally from the east coast of Canada, a Newfoundlander whose nearest eastern neighbour was somewhere in Ireland. The view from our kitchen window was the Atlantic ocean. Streams of tankers and cargo vessels crossed the mouth of the bay. Small fishing boats worked their way in and out the bay - twice a day at the height of the cod season. As a result I grew up eating fresh fish - a freshness most people can't even imagine - almost every day.

Here in Montreal, while nothing in comparison to what I experienced growing up, we get some pretty fresh fish in the markets. Today was a double helping. I just had a craving that wasn't satiated in one meal. Sushi for lunch and grilled cod in almond lemon butter (for my non-fishy partner) for supper.

The thing with fish is that it's so easy and fast to cook, you just need to buy it on the day you'd like to cook it. With the exception of some baked versions, most fish is cooked in 7 minutes - talk about your 30 minute meal! Oh, and it's good for you too.

Tomorrow something that most folks cringe at - sardines. :)

Don't do that too often.
Makes me hungry for fish - LOLOL
06/11/2010 4:06:21 PM

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