The upward trend of scrolling down - parallax & one pagers


Not all websites have the general appeal of Facebook or the content of Mashable, most are sites simply someone trying to promote something. As web designers, frequently we’re trying to take a small amount of information and render it engaging and different. Many designers have been searching for the equivalent of a Flash-based site. One with a lot of control on the designer end… sadly often, not so much for the user.


Where the UX benefits of Infinite Scrolling bottom out


Infinite scrolling websites are all the rage at the moment in web design. But are they good usability models? Or should they be avoided?

If you’re Twitter yes, if not, at least think twice! 

Mega menu usability and development hazards


Some usability experts see only benefits for users in using mega menus. Others, in addition to myself, see too many user and site development hazards to out-weigh any possible user benefit.

Let me start with the basic problem; don’t make me think and cut out the noise. These are two guiding principals of UX. 

Project Management – I liked it lean


Development teams, large and small, benefit from close proximity and the ability to work together to come up with the right solution. Lean project management works wonders in large organizations and in our small agency it is the default working method. 


Discovery is fun - is it in your UX vision?


In the last couple of years, with the amazing improvements in web search, either across the web or on individual websites, we’ve almost abandoned the importance and need for browsing and discovery. Yes, it makes sense to refine algorithms to make it possible to narrow down or funnel the most likely response – some manner of filtering was necessary once the curate directory systems became over charged. Cutting through the world-wide noise to get to the heart of what we are looking for is a good thing.