Taking Twitter personally


Twitter: an inconsequential banal silly word for inconsequential banal conversation. I couldn't agree more with @StephenFry.

Finally Bill C-28 - Canada's anti-spam / online protection act - is passed


Until today, Canada was the only G8 nation to NOT have an anti-spam law. The law, which I originally wrote about back in May 2009, got lost in the conservative government's mess of prorogation but finally came back to the floor in May of this year. Oddly, the lawmakers couldn't agree on a name for the law, so they passed it without one.

RSS in 100 seconds


When you've repeated the same information time and time again, maybe that's the reason you should make something to share. Here's a little informational video on RSS feeds.

"Online users don't read." Wrong, they DO!


So just how true is the belief or common wisdom that online users don't read, only skim, and have no attention spam? If that's true, do we only go on the web to watch youTube videos? I don't think so. I think we seek information.

Citizens bug Google's Street View Car


Not everyone is as enamoured with Google Street View in the same manner as I am, strangely some people think it's an invasion of privacy.For once, instead of being the one doing the so called "spying" the Google car was spied on for a while.

Where are my referrals from Twitter in my website statistics?


The short answer is they’re there but you’ll never really see all of them. That is of course until you make an effort to go get them.

Google Street View finally active for Montreal


In the online world, we all want to be part of the global community. Finally, Montreal joins in the Google Street View fun.

A little love for Google Street View


I'm not the only one who thinks Google Street View is fantastic. Some devotes a little time to create something fun to honor it.

The payoff in email marketing must be more than fun


Most clients think the email campaigns are easy and cheap. Done properly they are neither but they can be fun. Working with my colleague, Ralph Spandl at r42 communication, we showed our client, Eric Naaman Photograph, that doing things the right way gives your campaign the greatest potential for success.

He had the images that tell a great story, so it became our job to get this story into the hands of art directors across North America.

Heavy hitters agree; Twitter Matters for business


Twitter hits the mainstream. I offer you the recent TIME magazine cover piece written by Stephen Berlin Johnson. The cover itself is a tweet (twitter post) by Stephen about writing the cover story. The thing is, like it or not the way we communicate and gather information with and about our customers has changed and will continue to do so. Some people wonder if Twitter itself will be around in two years, and while I can 't answer that, I'm certain that this type of communication will remain and in fact, grow exponentially. We must adapt with it.