"Online users don't read." Wrong, they DO!


So just how true is the belief or common wisdom that online users don't read, only skim, and have no attention spam? If that's true, do we only go on the web to watch youTube videos? I don't think so. I think we seek information.

Satellites overhead - moment of geek


To know when the International Space Station has flown over my location is just thrilling to me. As is the idea of doing my best to calculate when it will next pass over my region. Yes, I'm sure there is another place out there where I can find that information already calculated, but that takes away just a little of the challenge.

Website development: a content strategy process


The website development process has come of age and finally moved beyond the old models from print and advertising, one where we focus on the content that the user will engage with from the very start. Today we plan sites starting with content.