Website development: a content strategy process


The website development process has come of age and finally moved beyond the old models from print and advertising, one where we focus on the content that the user will engage with from the very start. Today we plan sites starting with content.

The payoff in email marketing must be more than fun


Most clients think the email campaigns are easy and cheap. Done properly they are neither but they can be fun. Working with my colleague, Ralph Spandl at r42 communication, we showed our client, Eric Naaman Photograph, that doing things the right way gives your campaign the greatest potential for success.

He had the images that tell a great story, so it became our job to get this story into the hands of art directors across North America.

Top 7 on-page SEO errors


Search Engine Optimization is a a much misunderstood part of website development. The days of keyword meta data are over but just how do you connect with your target audience? Here's a list of the top 7 errors that are made on the page.

10 Keys to Define Your Corporate Blog's Identity


So your company wants a blog... what can you do to make it a success? It's all about expressing a point of view and an opinion. There are many PR uses for a corporate blog but a good blog must be more than that.

Localizing - Cultural Differences Matter


Multiple cultures: The challenges of localization in a globalized world. Just how sublte are the differences and where should we be paying attention?

The last of the Roman internet Empire


The western world thinks it owns the Internet but that concept and the use of Roman only characters is about to change forever. ICANN introduces 11 languages that use characters other than Roman.