LinkedIn struggles with advertising and privacy


LinkedIn becomes the latest site to fall into the privacy and social advertising trap. User backlash has lead to some backtracking and changes in how the site uses our personal information. Have you checked your LinkedIn account settings lately?

Top 5 To Do’s on LinkedIn


LinkedIn’s IPO has brought a little more attention to this professional networking site powerhouse. Attention that is more than well deserved. If you’re anywhere near serious about building an online profile – personal/ professional or company – you need to be getting connected through this site. Here on my top 5 LinkedIn To Do's, 'cause like most social networks, the more work you put into it, the greater the return. As always in the social realm, be generous with your time and knowledge – be sociable!

Taking Twitter personally


Twitter: an inconsequential banal silly word for inconsequential banal conversation. I couldn't agree more with @StephenFry.

Backing up your Facebook data


With cloud computing becoming more and more prevalent the idea of how we manage and backup our data is pretty important. Some times the stuff we put in a cloud saves us when we lose it from our harddrives, but what about all that stuff that we put out there to be shared or for others to consume... like our Facebook data. What if one day you woke up and your account was gone? suspended or just simply the site was blocking you from getting to that picture of your little niece taking her first steps? or your company's Page with all your painstaking work stored there?

Heavy hitters agree; Twitter Matters for business


Twitter hits the mainstream. I offer you the recent TIME magazine cover piece written by Stephen Berlin Johnson. The cover itself is a tweet (twitter post) by Stephen about writing the cover story. The thing is, like it or not the way we communicate and gather information with and about our customers has changed and will continue to do so. Some people wonder if Twitter itself will be around in two years, and while I can 't answer that, I'm certain that this type of communication will remain and in fact, grow exponentially. We must adapt with it.

Top 6 Social Media Myths


If I had a dollar for every time a company has asked me if they should be using Social Media, I’d be well rich. Thinking that your business can get away with treating Social Media as if it were a personal Facebook page with no plan and no buy-in throughout the company can be an expensive mistake. Here’s how unexamined buzz and uninformed marketers are making huge mistakes because they don’t understand that social media is not marketing it’s participating.

When win works


One of my clients is conducting a survey about Blackberry usage in an effort to identify possible new products. Another is giving away DVDs and signed scripts. The age old - giveaway marketing. Have a look and see if you are interested in participating.

Localizing - Cultural Differences Matter


Multiple cultures: The challenges of localization in a globalized world. Just how sublte are the differences and where should we be paying attention?

YouTube Goodies


Amidst the plethora of junk, YouTube holds some real gems, you have to look, but they're there for just about everyone.

LinkedIn Shows Some Love to Companies


LinkedIn, the premier social network for North American professionals shows a llittle love for the companies that employ us. By mining existing non-personally identifying data we begin to get a glimpse of the bigger picture.