Productivity - Microsoft updates messing with mouse functioning in Word


This post is a much a note to myself for the next time this happens, sorry for the indulgence but I hope it helps someone else too. I've just lost too much time looking for the answer to this when it happens. As it's VERY important to get these steps exactly right, you just don't want to go with the "I think this was what I did last time" attitude.

Immediately after an automatic update from Microsoft I was no longer able to use my mouse within a Word 2007 document. It didn't matter if it was a new document or an existing one. The only thing I could make the mouse action on were the ribbons. Word allowed me to move around and work in the document with keyboard stroke but nothing was happening with the mouse.

Where are my referrals from Twitter in my website statistics?


The short answer is they’re there but you’ll never really see all of them. That is of course until you make an effort to go get them.

The payoff in email marketing must be more than fun


Most clients think the email campaigns are easy and cheap. Done properly they are neither but they can be fun. Working with my colleague, Ralph Spandl at r42 communication, we showed our client, Eric Naaman Photograph, that doing things the right way gives your campaign the greatest potential for success.

He had the images that tell a great story, so it became our job to get this story into the hands of art directors across North America.

Do you get RSS?


I spent quite a bit of time today explaining RSS to a client. While relatively web-savvy, this client had seen those nifty little RSS logos but had never tried one or even spoken to anyone about them. And so the question of actual penetration of this technology came up. Just how many people use RSS? Is it only the techies who have adopted RSS? Surely with the vast numbers of bloggers out there, the average Jane Personal Blogger understands this?

Keeping up with change while maintaining existing methods


So you can't, just drop the marketing plan and materials that you have developed over the past year(s) in order to jump on the latest hot item bandwagon, but you can't always afford to stay the chartered course. What to do? Keeping up with the trends and finding the golden egg can be time consuming.

Have you read an EULA lately?


The last of the Roman internet Empire


The western world thinks it owns the Internet but that concept and the use of Roman only characters is about to change forever. ICANN introduces 11 languages that use characters other than Roman.

Learning curve keeps on moving


So in the last 6 months it seems like I have learned a new piece of software at least once a week, if not every day... not to mention continually trying to gain more in-depth knowledge of the ones I'm already using frequently. Curiosity keeps me going.

Microsoft grabs more real estate


Like a lot of folks, one of my pastimes is hating Microsoft. For the past 8 or 10 years one of my favorite jokes (sorry, I've no idea to whom the attribution belongs) is the one about the 3 engineers stuck in a broken down car in the desert: Chemical engineer wonders about some contaminant in the fuel, the electrical engineer figures something is up with the wiring, and the Microsoft engineer ponders that even if it's 100 degrees outside, if they close all the windows and THEN restart everything will be just fine. It offers me a chuckle and makes for a slightly less frustrating experience when I'm required to restart my computer.