Top 6 Social Media Myths


If I had a dollar for every time a company has asked me if they should be using Social Media, I’d be well rich. Thinking that your business can get away with treating Social Media as if it were a personal Facebook page with no plan and no buy-in throughout the company can be an expensive mistake. Here’s how unexamined buzz and uninformed marketers are making huge mistakes because they don’t understand that social media is not marketing it’s participating.

Google Street View Goes Motorless


Not every "street" is made for cars. Google continues to map the world's "streets" using creative and to scale techniques.

Email marketing rules: really, they do exist and Canada is working on new ones


Most marketers are at the very least, vaguely aware of the US regulations regarding SPAM – the CAN-Spam act – passed several years ago. Now the Canadian government is looking to beef up and update our laws regarding SPAM of all sorts, including SMS spam.

Top 7 on-page SEO errors


Search Engine Optimization is a a much misunderstood part of website development. The days of keyword meta data are over but just how do you connect with your target audience? Here's a list of the top 7 errors that are made on the page.

The client / agency dance: no free lunch here


Guaranteed to set anyone who’s ever done client management at a communications agency into a fit of laughter, here’s something that I picked up today from @avinashkaushik’s Twitter feed. It sent me into a fit of laugher, albeit relatively quietly in my office. I’ve since shared it with numerous colleagues and gotten immediate responses of giddy laughter in return.