Blogging: your perspective & your voice

Effective, that is the best description for a well-done blog. In a converstational marketing world there is no better tool for telling your story, talking about your brand, product, organization or customer adoption.

In addition to offering flexibility, it affords you the ability to speak directly to your audience, to share with them valuable insider information that they can't get anywhere else. And there's nothing quite like feeling like you've got the inside track on something.

Here are five reasons why companies and organizations should blog:

  • Present your POV without external filters
  • Keep your site current
  • Blogging often keeps your site current, which is value for your visitors with the added benefit of improving search engine rankings.
  • Keep content under your control in YOUR space - you don't have to worry about game changing moves by third parties (eg. Facebook or Twitter changing the rules or dumping your content without warning.)
  • Open up a converstation using editorial techniques that lead to comments. 

Find your unique voice

Even when a field seems saturated with information, there's always a way to bring your personal perspect and experience into the converstation. Removing the marketing speak and industry jargon is key, as is showing a genuine interest in the topic at hand.

Additionally, showing some personality helps differenciate you from the rest of the field. Why not be known as the industry blogger that's also into say... coffee and space geek stuff? It can help make you standout from the crowd.

More tips

Here are a few more tips from my blog on writing for the web: