Exactly what are you trying to accomplish, for whom will it serve and how close are you to meeting your goals? Simple questions that often get overlooked in the rush to apply the latest tech toy.

How do you stack up against your competition in the online world? Is your message getting through to the right people? Is the user experience that you're offering stacking up to expectations? Your message should be clearly and interactively presented to engage your customers - a comprehensive web experience plan for your brand.

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In general, we'll assimilate as much about your business and industry as time and budget will allow. We'll start with a profile of your target audience and analyse their needs, the content, content lifecycle and resources required to deliver and maintain it on the platforms / devices available. O-Media will examine your competition and analyse where you stand and what can be done to get you exactly where you should be.


Define your business goals clearly so that others can see them as you do."
George F. Burns