Copywriting: Saying what you mean... saying something meaningful


It can't be said enough; Content is King on the web. The hic is that if you don't offer me valuable content, it's just oh so easy for me to click elsewhere. I only have to lift a finger. So make your copy count! Deliver value. Value is different for everyone so the focus must be clearly set to your target audience.

Copywriting for the web requires two additional fields of expertise: SEO and UX. While the first essentially is about getting listed in search results, success is based on a true understandin of your users' needs. Just what are they searching for. The later, UX includes not only the ability of users to navigate your site, but it should allow users to see themselves reflected in the taxonomy used throughout the site.

Users want value that's personal to them

Given that most of us browse online alone or in very small groups, web copywriters must always keep in mind that the end-user experience is a very intimate one, but at the same time, while you've got my attention for a moment, if you don't offer me an experience that grabbs me, I'm on to the next site in my search results.

Taking the time to truly understand your target audience, testing to gain actual insight into what language/tone, topics, and medium appeal to them, in addition to avoiding jargon, can render your site a success and provide users with a relevant and valued experience.

Search engines matter too

Of course, good search engine optimized copywriting is essential to ensure that your site does top the list of results for your desired fields. The fine line between writing for the human reader - delivering value - and the search engine spider, is an art form that not all copywriters are up for.

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