Content Strategy

Content is more than just words on the page but the words you offer up and how your users interact and feel about them can make a world of difference for your success. Content Strategy is about choosing what you say, how, when and where you say it, and to whom. It's about what is possible versus what can get done on time and over time.

Will a YouTube video do the trick, how do you balance the needs of SEO with those of a legible page? Should you try to talk to ALL you customers in the same manner? Should you deliver the same message across all platforms... over all devices? Do you have someone who can get it done?

More than proper grammar - it's substance and relevance!

Typos aggravate us but inappropriate language an unclear messages will push a user to click away. The absence of relevant content to each segment of your audience will also cause a failure to connect. Crafting meaningful content for each end user across each of your communications channels requires an in-depth understanding of your customers, how they consumer your products or services gives you the opportunity to engage in a credible and useful manner with them.

After all, when I visit your site, I'm really just looking to see if you can or cannot help me with something.You need to help me find something useful, valuable, desirable, and accessible to me? However, when I visit your site or use your APP from my smartphone, I'm probably interested in a different content - a different experience - than when I'm using my desktop or any other device. And the same can be said if I'm connecting with you over a social experience versus your site. Content Strategy establishes a consistency across the global user experience with your brand.

Current and fresh

So once you've got me, can you keep me? If your organization can't continue to provide valuable content then I'm going elsewhere. Thus your content strategy must include your ability to deliver on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, content strategy and user experience for a site or an application, go hand-in-hand to provide the holy grail of user engagement.