UX = User Expectations & Usability of Content

Content strategy, information architecture, copywriting and design, all come together to build the user experience. Do your users experience a site that speaks to them in a language that they understand, easy-to-follow instructions, offer clear paths and content that's actually useful to them especially in the context of which type of device that they're using? Even more importantly, do you only THINK this is true or do you KNOW it's true?

There are as many ways to browse pretty much as people who browse. While it's impossible to make that many customize sites, as experienced UX specialists we can help you many things right before an actual target user ever interacts with your site or APP.

UX involves Information architecture, multi-channel architecture, content strategy, graphic user interface, functionality, and accessibility.

However, if you really want to know for sure then you'll want UX testing done on your site. While user experience testing doesn't require hundreds of users, only actual and potential site users can give you the feedback that a development team needs to sift through the endless choices that they can make.

A successful site is a user-centric site that delivers positive emotional and goal-success experiences.

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