Are you addicted to forums like me?


Okay, I admit it. I'm addicted to forums or as I call them Boards. I've learned a ton and met some really wonderful people from posting on and reading boards. I just can't even imagine my life without them now. For much of the world the "socail web" is a new thing but for those of us who've been addicted to user forums for years now, it's just an evolution.

Canadian Dollar & My Wishlist


It's been a long time since the Canadian dollar has been at par or trading above the greenback. One of the differences between Canadians and Americans is that we've become accustomed to paying more for certain consumer goods in the past 30 years or so. Its become a part of Canadian culture and online retailers have seen the impact.

Coffee, tea or me?


Coffee, a daily ritual and photography. Two passions and expensive habits combined.

Current success of email marketing campaigns


Discoveries and Stumbles


What have you stumbled on as you browse the web?

Have you read an EULA lately?


Instructables... showing you how to.


A recent stumble lead me to learn how to make crystal clear ice cubes.

It can't be good when...


It's been a fishy day


I'm originally from the east coast of Canada, a Newfoundlander whose nearest eastern neighbour was somewhere in Ireland. The view from our kitchen window was the Atlantic ocean. Streams of tankers and cargo vessels crossed the mouth of the bay. Small fishing boats worked their way in and out the bay - twice a day at the height of the cod season. As a result I grew up eating fresh fish - a freshness most people can't even imagine - almost every day.

Learning curve keeps on moving


So in the last 6 months it seems like I have learned a new piece of software at least once a week, if not every day... not to mention continually trying to gain more in-depth knowledge of the ones I'm already using frequently. Curiosity keeps me going.

Microsoft grabs more real estate


Like a lot of folks, one of my pastimes is hating Microsoft. For the past 8 or 10 years one of my favorite jokes (sorry, I've no idea to whom the attribution belongs) is the one about the 3 engineers stuck in a broken down car in the desert: Chemical engineer wonders about some contaminant in the fuel, the electrical engineer figures something is up with the wiring, and the Microsoft engineer ponders that even if it's 100 degrees outside, if they close all the windows and THEN restart everything will be just fine. It offers me a chuckle and makes for a slightly less frustrating experience when I'm required to restart my computer.

Microstock: Shooting Photography in the Foot


Putting my INbox on a diet


The last of the Roman internet Empire


The western world thinks it owns the Internet but that concept and the use of Roman only characters is about to change forever. ICANN introduces 11 languages that use characters other than Roman.

What would Vincent do?


Boardroom philosphies... junk or real widsom?