An old love


Podcasts and similar technology allow us to consume media when and where we want it. As such, I've rediscovered an old love - CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks.

Branding... If the shoe doesn't fit


Clients and colleagues in marketing & branding are tired of hearing me say "in todays social networking Web 2.0 world", customer service is one of the MUST do right differentiating points. It's available to every company but oh so many neglect it. Why wouldn't you focus on that?

Espresso machines


Time well-spent with my coffee machine. I do like my coffee.

Have open rates declined as much as reported?


Last week I got into an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of email marketing in Canada versus the US. The idiosyncrasies of Quebec's francophone market also came up in the discussion. As a group of professionals, we were all a little thrown that we didn't have enough specific answers and could each cite enough stats to confuse the heck out of each other.

Keeping up with change while maintaining existing methods


So you can't, just drop the marketing plan and materials that you have developed over the past year(s) in order to jump on the latest hot item bandwagon, but you can't always afford to stay the chartered course. What to do? Keeping up with the trends and finding the golden egg can be time consuming.

Ship hits the Bay Bridge


Bridges, bays, ships and fog...

Sometimes it pays to upgrade


Sometimes advertising is so creative and unique that it becomes a part of our cultural landscape in ways that one least expects. This video borrows a little something from Apple.

What do you mean... can't afford it?


What do clients really mean when they say "they can't afford it"? How understand the role of priorities can save you time.