Do you get RSS?


I spent quite a bit of time today explaining RSS to a client. While relatively web-savvy, this client had seen those nifty little RSS logos but had never tried one or even spoken to anyone about them. And so the question of actual penetration of this technology came up. Just how many people use RSS? Is it only the techies who have adopted RSS? Surely with the vast numbers of bloggers out there, the average Jane Personal Blogger understands this?

Dialogue Marketing


We're all familiar with the adage applied in academic circles, Publish or Perish, right? Academia is all about passing on information to the audience (student). Today's knowledge driven service businesses are pretty much in the same situation - they need to pass on their expert knowledge to their clients. So todays business promotion needs to include a heavy dose of publishing. But this raises the question - How best to connect with my audience?

When a Name is more than just a Name


Sloppy programming in data entry fields can leave a lot of users feeling like second class citizens. If you have an unusual character in your name - like the apostrophe in mine - then you know what I'm talking about. The thing is there are many of us, so why don't programmers take better care with data fields?

Internet Advertising Dollars to Continue Growing - Microsoft says so


This Microsoft attempted purchase of Yahoo! is really only about one thing - money. Well, actually about the revenue from Internet advertising. It's growing and growing.

Pass it on or just Stumble


So apparently not everyone is like me! Hum. Whodathunkit? Not everyone loves to spend a few hours everyday just rambling around the internet everyday. I'm far from being a trend-setter type surfer mind you - ├╝ber is not really me.

However, I've come to realize that I need to share more of what I know to be worthwhile and fun internet habits. In doing so, I not only promote my place of business, I have happier friends and colleagues, the latter being very rewarding. Really, there are not that many people who want to be left behind the latest technology thrust in our daily lives. It's OK to say that you're opting out but you need to at least have an idea what your opting out of.

Back to blogging


What does someone do while recovering from major surgery? You read and read and read books so that you have plenty to blog about once you're back sitting at your computer.

Don't Be Fooled Just Ask "Snopes"


When those chain mails keep coming and your heart strings are pulled, don't be fooled by the bull - check with Snopes.

Must See - Away From Her


Canadian actress, Sarah Polly's directorial debut lands her at the Oscars.

Is it a podcast or a vlog?


What if any is the difference between a PODCAST and a VLOG?