Google Street View Goes Motorless

I am a fan, no I am a huge fan of Google Street View. Last weekend I had a great time initiating my neighbour - a 74 year old widow on the joys of world travel via Street View. I use it all the time and can't wait for it to add my city, Montreal to the fold.

They have been shooting here. A colleague first spotted the car back in the third week of April - just outside the office. Since then, the vehicle has been spotted parked on the Plateau at the end of the day. As seen in this pic take on Laval Street around Duluth. This seems like good news for me, meaning that they must have gotten over Canada's legal objections to the service.

Navigating the narrow streets of Europe

Now, in the midst of controversy in Germany* about privacy and Googles mapping of people in the streets, Google has come up with the right tool to map the tiniest of European streets.

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The Google Trike in Rome

This little trike is pushing the boundaries once again, exploring places which are inaccessible by car.


*Note: German law currently forbids all publication of photos of people and their belongs without their expressed permission - something similar to Canadian law.

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