So you want to add a shopping cart to your site
(May 9, 2011)

All too frequently clients and potential clients ask us about adding a shopping cart to their site without having any real notion about what's involved not just in setting one up, but in keeping one up. Online commerce is just a lot of work. Period.

A number of years ago, we decided that ecommerce per se, wouldn't be part of our offering. The reason is that these are complicated systems to set up and unlike the US market, there haven't been many simplified and easy to use systems that covered the Canadian realities - banking system, taxes, and two languages.

My colleague, Ralph Spandl of r42, recently wrote a blog post about one of the newer players in the shopping cart field. It's worth a read. 

I might add to that post by mentioning that this shopify tool still doesn't eliminate all the work that goes into maintaining an online store, but there are a number of interesting features that make this a somewhat less painful experience.

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