Internet Advertising Dollars to Continue Growing - Microsoft says so

This Microsoft attempted purchase of Yahoo! is really only about one thing - money. Well, actually about the revenue from Internet advertising. It's growing and growing.

Sure the argument can be made both Yahoo! and Microsoft need to do something to stay in the race for Internet control . There's little doubt that both are struggling to keep up with Google. However, there are other less costly opportunities out there, so other than make the bold move why this, why now?

Microsoft knows that it has to get in on the Internet advertising game because that's the one thing that they can predict will earn them money. Business have little choice now but to advertise on the Internet. The rule is that they need to go where the people are and these days and for the foreseeable future, that's on the net. They are hooking up on dating sites, checking out what the grandkids are doing on Facebook, sharing videos on YouTube, and getting the latest news from the websites of their tried and true offline sources.

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