Coffee, tea or me?

No this is not a reference to a book. Gotcha! I just like coffee & tea.

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee, I admit it. In my dream life I'd have a fresh demi-tasse of Illy next to me as I while away the hours on a sunny terrasse. But who can really afford that all the time?

We have a rather good espresso machine and it's something that we seem to be upgrade every couple of years. We have more cups than we have cupboard space to store them. Coffee time is my regularly scheduled late afternoon break - the most peaceful time of my day and the only one that I refuse to allow the computer to interrupt. That's right! No computer while enjoying my espresso.

My tea on the other hand is my morning staple. A pot sits sturdily on my desk and carries me through to about an hour before lunch. Tea is comfort food for me. My father always made me a cup if I wasn't feeling well. I'm more fond of black tea in general but as green tea is proving to be good for your health, I'm trying to integrate that into heavy rotation.

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