Heavy hitters agree; Twitter Matters for business


As testament to the importance of Twitter for business - something I’ve been selectively advocating for a while now - I offer you the recent TIME magazine cover piece written by Stephen Berlin Johnson. The cover itself is a tweet (twitter post) by Stephen about writing the cover story. The thing is, like it or not the way we communicate and gather information with and about our customers has changed and will continue to do so. Some people wonder if Twitter itself will be around in two years, and while I can 't answer that, I'm certain that this type of communication will remain and in fact, grow exponentially. We must adapt with it. Here’s a brief interview which he gave to Marketing Profs at their recent conference. In it he does a quick pitch about why Twitter matters and maybe you’ll finally by in to one of today’s business truths. You have an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

Here’s the cover story, which in addition to covering Twitter also talks about how innovation increasingly happens today. Here’s a link to an SI article on How Twitter is changing the face of sports.

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