PWL Capital

Eleven individual entrepreneurs combined in one singular branding vision...this sounds like a terribly difficult task but while it wasn't necessarily easy, PWL Capital just isn't your ordinary financial management company to start with.

The first concern expressed by PWL Capital in our first meeting was about SEO. They'd been speaking with another firm and that was put at the top of the redesign agenda. We explained to them that our approach was far more holistic and came from an end-user perspective.

They engaged us to take on the master site and to incorporate 11 minisites within it. The biggest challenge was to ensure that the feel remained the same regardless of where or not an minisite used all the bells and whistles that we were building or just the basics. This was achieved through a very well designed and flexible grid.

On launch day, there were over 200 pages of content published and within 6 weeks, after a great deal of positive feedback from clients and users. Equally, the company saw the benefits of our comprehensive approach in their search results.


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