Simply Wonderful

We had three goals with the content of the Simply Wonderful content: show the food, talk about the services and passion the delivers the food, and keep things simple. Not every company that says that it was built on "word of mouth" means it in quite the same way that Simply Wonderful does.


In the absence of smell, we went with custom photography. Simple images of the basics show off the marvelous food that the Simply Wonderful kitchen prepares daily. And equally, we took the time to show the team at work in the kitchen.

Tell the tale

Most of their business comes from referrals by existing clients or by people tasting their food at events. A pretty simple philosophy of delivering only the best food helps make this a solid marketing strategy. We included just a sampling of the testimonials that the company receives in order to demonstrate that the care and attention that we talked about in the text is a proven asset of the company.

Additionally, it was a goal to undo the harm that the Flash-based site had done, and through site-wide techniques we worked hard to ensure maximum SEO. We crafted the written content to focus on the services which the company delivers and the geographical area that they serve. Results quickly showed in search engine results - first page results for all major categories that we set our focus on.


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