PWL Capital

When the new PWL Capital website went live, June 2007, we published over 200 pages of content. Most of it was new and with the exception of the reports and documents in PDF form carried over from the old site was, rewritten. The majority of the content then as now, is in two languages.

The real challenge

Eleven minisites within one master required not only strong skills in content management, but a creative talent to keep on track with the company's vision without becoming overly repetitive and redundant.

We conducted interviews with each of the financial and investment advisors, as well as the administrative team. The overall tone was set and we then worked on presenting each minisite as an individual entity within the whole.

Additionally, we conducted workshops to help familiarize the PWL Capital team with the basics of blog writing and developing content for and using all the new tools on the site, such as the Broadcast Centre.

Today, the internal team manages 98% of the content on their site themselves.



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