Lester Asset Management


A referral from a client, Lester Asset Management was aware that a website could be so much more than a simple brochure and equally that their website needed to properly reflect the value that they could bring to their clients' portfolios and the personal attention to detail that is predominate throughout the Lester experience.


Ready for change

They quickly understood how the web had changed since their first edition of a website, quickly grasped that the content needed to deliver value and tone should reflect the type of conversation that clients could expect when they walked in through the office doors.

The new Lester Asset Management website is a true reflection of the company at the moment, warm, welcoming, paying attention to detail - the scupltures that appear throughout the site are on display in their offices, as are the other elements of the graphic design, the wood, the frosted glass - are a reflection of the attention to detail that the financial and fund managers pay to providing "responsible growth" for their clients' portfolios.

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♦ information architecture
♦ UX and QA
♦ custom photography
♦ integration


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