Laurentian Bank's mobile transactional site project in the hands of real users
(September 20, 2011)

As part of the "front-end" development team of the Laurentian Bank's mobile transactional site, it's great to see the fruits of our labour in the hands of thousands of real bank customers. The wait for all the system testing has been worth it, as thousands of customers have jumped on board to use the new mobile transactional site in the past week since it's been live for the entire customer base.

It was a wonderful challenge to create the user experience for this site. Nothing forces you to get to the point as clearly as a small interface. You cut through the extreanous or the users are lost. But you still need to ensure that all functions are understandable and easy to touch. For this our mobile UX testing sessions were an enormous benefit to the design and UX team.

Site functions include:

  • Account balance
  • Account details
  • Transfer
  • Bill payment
  • and contact information, including reporting lost or stolen cards.

The front-end team, directed by r42, defined the project, lead the IA, wireframed, designed, prototyped, UX, usability and QA tested the site.

So far all the comments on the front-end and site usability - the UX and functions, has all been positive.

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