Putting my INbox on a diet

need to find ways to improve my efficiency; especially when I'm not on a big rush deadline. I'm putting my INBOX on a diet. In a quick review of the newsletter type email that I receive daily, I've discovered two trends that I can work to make my life better.


First, everyone is saying the same thing; repetition. If I have more than one newsletter about the same field or topic, it is certain that on a given day they will send me some of the same information. So after a quick cull, I've already eliminated eight newsletters. For the rest, they have ten days to convince me that they are the one or maximum two on that topic that I will keep. For the rest, I'm using that wonderful unsubscribe feature.


Second, I'm pleased do discover that many organizations are now offering a weekly version of their newsletter. This helps make my choice easier. I can keep the one or two that have editors and contributors that I enjoy even if the rest of the newsletter is not up to scratch. Once a week they get to slide into my mailbox and I get to choose just the piece I want to read.


This makes me feel good. I eliminate repetition, keep the good stuff and save myself some time. Now if I could only manage to turn off email for longer periods in the day, I'm sure that I'd find I'm far less distracted.

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