Canadian Dollar & My Wishlist

It's been a long time since the Canadian dollar has been at par or trading above the greenback. One of the differences between Canadians and Americans is that we've become accustomed to paying more for certain consumer goods in the past 30 years or so. It's been a given and part of our culture. Pay less for prescription drugs and through the nose for a luxury vehicle, iPod or DVD player.

Online shopping has had us drooling and now we're finally in a position to learn a new way of thinking... maybe. Sure we'd like to get that new digital camera at the same price as our American friends but are Canadians ready to change expectations so readily? Certainly Canadian retailers are not ready to do much to change things on their end. Back when a loonie was worth only 60 US cents or so, retailers were getting preferential pricing so that they were charging something "reasonable" weren't they?

Still, all my noble Canadian ways just want to take a back seat for the next few months while I stock up on some electronic and technology goodies.

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