Can you be so easily influenced?
(March 7, 2008)

I tend to think of myself as pretty aware of the visual messages going on around me everyday and feel that I may even possess just a little healthy skepticism when it comes to advertising and it's impact on me. I know that I am susceptible to say, watching someone eat pizza in a movie. Yes, chances are pretty high that's what I'm going to want to eat next. But I hope that my ability to tune out the next actual ad for pizza while I'm watching TV.

I don't work in advertising per se, but branding is all about getting the right message across and I really do pay attention to what's happening around me. I mostly know what will work and how often I might need to suggest a thought or idea to someone before they buy into it. But when I stumbledupon this little video, I was amused but also floored at how easy it can be to implant an idea in my head.

But still, I'd be as floored as the guys at the end of this video if I was in their shoes. Watch until the very end, yes it's almost 7 minutes of your life, but at least you're not in their shoes.

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