The payoff in email marketing must be more than fun

Sometimes you go for the funny side of life

Most clients think the email campaigns are easy and cheap. Done properly they are neither but they can be fun. Working with my colleague, Ralph Spandl at r42 communication, we showed our client, Eric Naaman Photograph, that doing things the right way gives your campaign the greatest potential for success.

He had the images that tell a great story, so it became our job to get this story into the hands of art directors across North America.

We know the subject line is the key to a successful email campaign. Writing this one was fun because I was working directly with the artist himself. Luckily, he’s a smart and talented fellow who is fun to work with. Through a couple of meetings and conversations, together we found one that we felt was right.

The standard marketing speak just didn't feel right when it comes to sending something to creative types. That kind of stuff most often gets skipped over by me personally. There were several attempts at subject lines which included pithy questions and the like. But none ran true to the artist or myself. With one word, a germ of an idea was triggered for him and then in 30 seconds we'd polished it off. That however, was after numerous hours spent looking at all the wrong ones.

By the end of the day we’ll know just how many art directors and agency types agreed with our choice to make a play on the content of the images, tickle our funny bones and hopefully arouse the curiosity of recipients.

The email as it would have shown once a user accepted images.


Delivering the goods

Here’s the mini-site built for the campaign. We’re using Google Analytic campaigns and goals to track and measure our success. Afterall, while it was fun to write and certainly a pleasure to look at Eric's images, it's really only through clicks on the website and contracts in is book that we can say the campaign was a success.

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