Superbowl's Brandbowl

The degree of innovation in advertising during the 2010 Superbowl was decidedly at a low during last nights game. That said there were still interesting highlights to the event. Google's entry was a winner for it's clarity, simplicity and just how close it stayed to the brand.

Of the automobile ads - 8 brands advertised - there Audi was the only touchdown on all aspects of building a brand experience. Green is good. The ad was smart, memorable, and tied the brand directly to the message. KIA's sockpuppets won me over for creativity but didn't score so high and a memorable brand experience. Bridgestone with it's wife-hating deserved a 50 yard penalty and left me longing for the days of outright sexism. And Hyundai, watching paint dry, really?

Snickers came close to making a great play with Betty White in the spotlight - what an amazing woman. However, the concept could have been brought up a notch or two in order to maximize her comedic talent. Sticking with snack food. What was Doritos thinking? Keep your hands off my mom? Puhleese.

While I'd like to make this post just about brands, the Tim Tebow spot was nothing more than an advocacy (or issue-oriented) ad for the anti-abortion lobby and following network precedent, shouldn't have been accepted. The brand that was damaged by this ad was really that of CBS. Double standards just drive me up a wall and it should be pointed out for just that. To be clear, CBS was well aware of the content and controversy long before game day. That said, the ad was almost bad and could have been one for tooth paste or soap.

I did enjoy the Letterman, Oprah, Leno trio. It was a surprise and it was funny. Great brand value all around!

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All that said, that I nothing else worth mentioning about the brandbowl, is testimony to the overall blandness and perhaps irrelevance of TV advertising these days. Just ask Pepsi.

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