Must See - Away From Her

In this blog I generally stick pretty close to my field of expertise but this morning the Oscars are on my mind. Yes, that over-blown Hollywood love fest. I'm thinking of how movies actually touch our lives by making us uncomfortable and by every now and again putting a dramatic twist something that actually touches our real lives.

The film is a love story. It's also about caring for our family members. It's also about growing old. If we're luck I suppose most of us will be touched and affect by all, if not just some of those issues.

I also want to say how much I admire what young Canadian actress turned director and screen writer, Sarah Polly. Her film Away From Her tackles something that we tend to want to ignore here in North America. Aging and long-term illness and what it does to our love, our lives, our humanity. I've been convinced of her talent for a long time now - we Canadians have been blessed to practically have watched her grow up on screen in the Road to Avonlea.

Sarah's comments at the Berlin Festival about how the film came into being and her dedication and single-minded drive to get Julie Christie to star make me appreciate her even more. Oh and one last thing, I can't leave a mention of Away From Her without mentioning the iconic Canadian actor and fellow Newfoundlander - Gordon Pinsent. This man has been making films (acting, writing and directing) since before Canada had a film industry.

Yah! Sarah Polly! I hope your film wins more awards and can't wait for your next project.

And one final thought before I get back to the regularly scheduled programming, I can't not mention Ellen Page in Juno. She's young and up against stiff competition but nevertheless, she's amazing! Go Canada!

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