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Peak-end Rule applies in UX

While aiming for a great experience site- or app-wide is a worthy goal, we all understand that anything has peaks and valleys. The thing is that planning Peaks and the End point is key to success and certainly a quick win when looking to make site improvements.

Where the UX benefits of Infinite Scrolling bottom out

The trend of Infinite Scrolling websites continues to grow, but are there any UX benefits or are there only drawbacks. It's time to give this trend a closer look to see if users are put first and if not, what we can do about it.

Put in Context: Connecting and engaging users

If content is king then context is at least a prince. The absence of context is pretty much the situation for many new visitors to your website. They don't know who you are or if they should trust you. Setting context changes that, lets you connect, engage and tell a far more compelling story.