Vortex Aquatic Structures - Extranet

File management and ensuring that your sales agents have the most recent information at hand is a constant struggle for many businesses. When many of those files are managed by engineering and somehow have to make their way through to marketing, it's not always a smooth journey.

Vortex's outstanding engineering department needed help to feed their marketing department with up-to-date files and especially custom tailored work for their clients around the world.

O-Media worked with Vortex to work out a system that would help keep their extranet information current and provide easy, yet controlled access to the external sales agents. We were taksed with making the site easy to understand and provide fluide access to all related products for each item. The idea was to take the extremely complex product configurations and make the design solutions appear understandable and simpler. Our role was to analyse and deliver an information architecture blueprint from which the other members of the international team could build the final product.




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