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Not your average wealth management company, PWL Capital - one company, one brand with 11 individual entrepreneurs and nested sites. A challenge for content strategy and information architecture of the site but the overall strategy started with trust.


Fostering trust while taking on an industry leadership role

Overall site strategy was to use online technologies to foster trust and taking on an industry leadership role. Trust is something to be earned. In a climate where it’s difficult to know who to trust with your hard-earned savings, demonstrating knowledge and transparency are keys to success.

Sharing knowledge and expertise,  as well as providing ample testimonial (client and expert) support for the company’s investment philosophy were the main site-wide content focus. We chose to include libraries of PWL publications and the media usage of PWL Capital’s expertise. The Broadcast Centre is valuable for posting advisors opinions and knowledge as expressed in audio and video extracts. Both offer a more dynamic presence and demonstrate the wider demand for their specific expertise.

For the individual advisors, we set up blogs and microsites which were adapted to each advisors’ personal requirements. The grid and content setup is quiet flexible, allowing for individual choices – include customer testimonials, reading lists, performance statistics, etc… or not.

The sum is greater than its parts

Equally, the company or main site needed to show that it is more than the sum of its parts. We provide the collective voice using the summary of individual blog posts from ALL advisors on the home page, from across a city on the city pages and of course those of individual advisors on their microsites. Thus, the homepage of the main site is feed with fresh content on a regular basis and each advisor contributes to the greater company brand value at the same time as their own benefits from the expertise of the others.

We had three other stated goals:

  • engage and converse
  • SEO
  • in-house content management

The first two are well served by using a the “publication” marketing approach. It works very well for an organization whose philosophical ideas are academically founded.

The blogs allow for user feedback and have encouraged PWL advisors to express themselves and their expertise in a conversational and transparent manner.  As well, with ample opportunity to post new content – news and blogs – PWL could meet their goal of being responsive to issues and concerns in the marketplace.

On the technical side, we deployed across the Kentico CMS which in addition to being extremely user-friendly for non-technical users, it also has building SEO tools. Search engine friendly URLs and easy to deploy meta data make ongoing use of the site an easy task. So easy in fact, that the marketing and editorial staff of PWL Capital maintain the site almost exclusively themselves.

And finally, we met one additional strategic requirement of the project; the site is now managed almost exclusively by the in-house marketing team - not programmers.

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