Fandom Entertainment

If it's got a fan base, there's a need for a fansite. O-Media works with Fandom Entertainment to plan out the next set of features or latest startup offering from this US-based firm.

Timing is everything.

Timing and foresight brought Fandom Entertainment its first hit as an online startup with their flagship site,, reaching into the top 5,000 of ALL websites online in 2004-2008. It was there at the forefront of the social web. It was involved in the creation of a passionate online community that was so successful that the producers of the television show decided to develop their own social networking site to take advantage of the community that had exploded around the show. They were unsuccessful, whereas continues to thrive today.
But knowing that the show would eventually go off the air, meant that the company's continued success would depend on seeking out other avenues to showcase their publishing offering. O-Media worked with Fandom Entertainment to help plan out the next ventures,,,, and a host of other derivative sites and services.
From analysing technological platforms and selecting partners, to information architecture, design, UX and SEO, and the overall business strategy, we've been privileged to work on an almost daily basis with company founder Jacky Abromitis.



♦ information architecture
♦ UX and QA
♦ graphic design